PEER PRESSURE – How to deal with it or Not deal with it.

Always know that you have a choice! You don’t have to give in to any of it. And if you have, that you can change things.

Being a teen can be the most difficult time you will face in your life when there is Negative peer pressure. Though it may not seem possible at the time you feel Peer Pressure, there is a way to deal with it. Everyone deals with it in one way or another. It’s up to you to let it get the best of you, or to take control of it. Or, better yet, to use your situation to your advantage. Whether you recognize it or not, you are in charge of your life. The rest of this article can change our life. If you are interested read on, and if you aren’t a good reader have someone read it to you.

There are 6 types of Peer Pressure. Not all peer pressures are bad. Some peer pressures can actually cause us to be better, such as Positive Peer Pressure, that can bring out competitiveness, and Here is a list of Peer Pressures along with information on how to deal with them.

WHO ARE PEERS: Peers are the people you go to school with, your friends, the people you socialize with, people you meet through your business or social events that you would like to stay associated with.

WHAT IS PEER PRESSURE: When peers influence, or try to influence you to do what they are doing, it’s called Peer Pressure. With this being said, not all peer pressures are spoken or directed at you. There are times that can direct them at yourself. It’s complicated and easy all at the same time. However, much easier to understand it, when you know what it is and how it works.

Always remember that you don’t have to give into any of it, and that you are in control. No matter what anyone tells you, no matter how they make you feel, that you have a choice. And if you feel anxious or sad, hopeless, bad, or depressed, that you can change things. It’s actually really simple. Just stop and think about what you want for your future. Forget about now. Now, if questionable, can wait.


UNSPOKEN PEER PRESSURE – This is the peer pressure you feel without anyone saying anything. It’s a feeling of wanting to belong. A pressure we put on ourselves to be fashionable with a trend or to impress others. Though not always bad, these pressures can cause us to be better and also make mistakes.

If you feel like you have to do something to belong, make sure it is something good, that won’t hurt you, your future, or others. If it is dangerous or involves drugs, other substance abuse, or sex, make sure you really think it through before acting. Since it is pressure you have put on yourself, take the time to think about it before you act. Think about the consequences and how it can affect your future. Is it really worth it? Will you see these people after high school? In most cases, you won’t and if you do, you will want to think about how they perceive you as adults.

2. SPOKEN PEER PRESSURE – This is when someone or a group asks you do join in and do something with them. It can be something good like being on team, in a play, or to be in a school study group. It can also be not so good, if you are being asked to do something bad, or something that will hurt you, your future, or someone else, such as asking you to do drugs with them. Here is a video worth watching on how to avoid costly mistakes.

3. INDIRECT PEER PRESSURE – Much like unspoken peer pressure, this pressure is caused by a feeling of wanting to belong, or that certain acts are desirable, because someone else is doing it. Cool people do drugs, so I should try them. Little do they know that the cool people druggies will end up with scarred faces from picking themselves and will likely end up on the street careerless or in jail when they grow up. Young people are impressionable and thought to be stupid by the cool drug dealers, which is why they are targeted. Hopefully there is enough education for the kids to see things that can go wrong, before they make a life changing mistake. The positive side of this peer pressure, is that they can also feel like they have to do better at something to be on a team, a study group, or in a class with the students they want to spend time with.

4. DIRECT PEER PRESSURE – Spoken or Unspoken this Peer Pressure



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